Needles 5 Readiness Assessment

Welcome to your Needles 5 Readiness Assessment.

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Firm Name

The Icon Toolbar in Needles 5 is now called the:

The Case Entry tabs now open:

Note Entry IDs are consecutive numbers assigned to case note and are used to reference individual case notes.

Which of the following is something you can do with the grid functionality?

The ability to change text color, font, and add hyperlinks to Notes is called:

The buttons in the upper right-hand corner of Needles 5 that display the number of unread messages and intakes are called:

You can customize and add any buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar:

Double clicking on the Party Name in the Needles Today Checklist will:

The ‘Send Message from Case’ button can be found:

Which Calendar view is most helpful in scheduling appointments for multiple staff at once?

Needles 5 Report results can be easily adjusted on the fly with:

The 4 folders available in the Messages feature are:

The Needles Report Library automatically groups reports by:

To add additional columns to a grid, you must:

The Case Listings by Case Type report breaks down the report results by:

Report parameters will always be the same, regardless of which report you are running.

The total number of checklist items on the Needles Today screen can be found:

To add a new phone number to a party tab, the user must:

The S/R column on the Needles Today Checklist indicates a:

To remove a tab from the main Needles program and place on another screen, you must:

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