Organize leads with our fully customizable intake feature. Use it for importing and exporting, as well as scheduling and referral tracking. Capture all the clients' info you could ever need, and when you’re done, send intake information to the correct place with just a click of a button.



Needles Checklist is an incredibly powerful tool that can organize tasks by whom they're assigned to. It even allows management to check in and follow up every step of the way. It comes complete with preset checklists, but also provides the option to customize and tweak them to suit your firm’s needs.


Needles Today helps you keep track of your daily tasks. It brings together everything you need to start your day off right, from your calendar to your emails. It also keeps track of any tasks that have been assigned to you, and makes it easy to see what needs to be completed and when. It’s never been easier to keep your to-do list straight!​


Trying to keep track of multiple documents relating to all your cases can get tricky. Needles helps by keeping all files related to each client’s case together and easily accessible. It also makes creating new documents easier by merging client information into pre-written forms that you’ve created. Simple or complex, no matter what you need, Needles has it under control.


Needles is far and away the most customizable system available to the modern law firm. While we offer an incredible out-of-the-box Case Type Library to get you started; every aspect of Needles can be customized. Build your intakes, workflows, and reporting the way you want them to be. You can add custom fields almost anywhere in the program, and then write custom reports to gather and act on all the data you’ve collected. The most powerful thing about Needles is that it adapts to your firm, not the other way around.


Keeping cases updated can be a job in and of itself. That’s why we created the Needles Mass Update feature. You can update multiple cases at once, without having to open each one individually. When updating one file, all you have to do is click the “update multiple cases” button and changes will be applied across all selected files.



As a law firm, you probably work with a number of providers to assist with cases, and it’s important to keep those relationships strong. The Providers tool keeps track of all relevant information, such as contact information, specialties and supporting documents. You can also use it to see which cases they’ve assisted on, so it’s simpler than ever to keep track of the history between your firm and your providers.


Your clients want to be kept in the loop, and the Needles Status Tab helps you do that. When a client calls, you can easily pull up relevant case information and recent updates. The Status Tab displays the information that you select as being most useful. You can customize what the Needles Status Tab displays and keep track of important info like checklists, notes and costs.


Communicating with one person is simple. Communicating with thousands can be a challenge! Needles helps you easily generate large scale mailing and emailing lists. This allows you to communicate easily with any large group; such as updating all parties involved in a mass tort, communicating important information to your providers, or just generating a list to send out cards for the holidays. A law firm is built on relationships, and Needles helps you easily stay in touch.


Never unwittingly give out your cell phone number again! With Needles you can communicate via text message from right within the program. You can create texts from scratch, or use pre-filled templates for messages you consistently send. Your clients responses will go straight to your email inbox, allowing you to easily manage all your digital communication from one place.



Needles Time Track tab gives you an easy way to keep a record of how much time is spent on any one case. You can also associate each block of time with any of the ABA approved billing codes. The Time Track tab can integrate with QuickBooks and Timeslips, as well as the Needles Time and Value tabs. In turn, any of these programs can be used to generate bills, eliminating any unnecessary back and forth between applications.


Keeping tabs on financial records is a long and time consuming process. Needles Value Screen keeps it all in one place, so you can print reports, track time and subtotal costs for a specific case. It doesn’t matter if your firm is contingency based, hourly or flat fee, you’ll benefit from the Needles Value Screen. Trust us, your bookkeeper will thank you.


The Needles program provides in-depth reporting capabilities that track the vitals and health of your firm. Universal reports, including checklist summary, statute of limitations, provider history, management, and marketing reports, are included with the system. There is also a custom user-defined report writer that enables the user to write reports based on virtually any field that has been created within the database.


Needles’ Dashboards provide live moment-by-moment insights into the health of your firm. Displayed as accessible graphics, each dashboard tile has a drilldown option providing you more detail on each item in table form. The Needles program comes with a selection of the most critical dashboard tiles that help you understand your practice. However, as with all aspects of Needles, these tiles are customizable allowing you to view in real-time any critical data that you have in your system.