Configuring SharePoint Document Libraries

You can now link your Needles Neos Case Docs, Provider Docs and Templates to specific SharePoint folders under Settings > Firm Preferences. The firm is now able to designate a SharePoint library for each group of documents (Case, Provider, and Template documents) in order to control where these documents are stored when they are created in or added to Neos.

Important:  Firms migrating their documents to SharePoint, should upload them in the same file structure as it currently exists on premise.

 OneDrive Integration Setup

OneDrive integration and the SharePoint drives must be set up first. This will enable the new Documents tab in Firm Preferences.
When initially setting up and connecting to OneDrive, there is an option to automatically set up Document Libraries.

If the user has not enabled the OneDrive integration and they go into the Integrations screen, then they should see an option to connect to the firm’s Office 365 account.

  • Once connected, you will have the option to Create Site automatically.

Clicking this button will do 3 things in your firm’s SharePoint site:
  1. A 365 Group and Sharepoint site will automatically be created called CloudDocs,
  2. Document Libraries will be created called CaseDocs, ProviderDocs, and TemplateDocs.
  3. These libraries will be automatically selected in the new Documents section of Firm Preferences.

If you already have a Sharepoint site with existing documents the CloudDocs Group and CaseDocs, ProviderDocs and TemplateDocs Libraries will not be created automatically.

 You can link Neos to existing Sharepoint site and document libraries under the Documents section of Firm Preferences. 

To specify a SharePoint library for storage of Case,Provider and Template documents:

  1. Click on Settings > Firm Preferences > Documents.

2. Click on the Folder icon for a library (Case Folders, Template Folders or Provider Folders). A new window will open.

3. Click on the SharePoint site dropdown and select the Firm’s SharePoint site from the list. The dropdown should display with all Office 365 Groups found
within the user’s 365 account.
4. Click on the Document library for Case dropdown and select the desired document library for Case Files. The Document Library dropdown displays all Document Libraries found within the selected Office 365 Group.

Perform the same actions to specify the libraries for Provider documents and document Templates.