About Us

For over 35 years, Needles has transformed law firms with its leading legal case management software. Known for its unmatched workflow technology and customizable configurations, Needles revolutionized the industry in 1985 and continues to be the standard for case management technology today. Most of the largest and most successful plaintiff-focused law firms in the US rely on Needles’ technology to run their practices.

Today, Needles is a core product offering from Assembly Software. Formed in 2017, Assembly Software’s mission is to provide the best legal technology to lawyers across America through its brands, Needles and TrialWorks. In 2020, the Needles platform was reimagined in Needles Neos.

The web-based Needles Neos combines the rich functionality and intuitive workflow that clients love about Needles with robust, new features that distinguish it from any other product currently on the market. Built on cutting-edge technology and backed by the security of Microsoft Azure®, Needles Neos is both a modern and trusted solution for law firms.

Deeply rooted in legal technology

Needles became the legal case management software it is today through a fortunate set of circumstances. Founded in 1982 as a data processing service engaged in professional time sharing, Needles was approached in 1985 by a group of personal injury attorneys in search of software to help them run their fast-growing firm more efficiently.

With an extremely capable software engineer on staff who also happened to have a law degree, the company started designing and writing programs to create intuitive software specifically designed to meet the needs of personal injury law offices. The end result was PINS (Personal Injury Negligence System), the DOS version of Needles.

By the time the product was moved to a Windows platform in 1995, PINS had developed a national reputation as the premier legal case management solution for personal injury lawyers, with hundreds of satisfied client firms. The Windows platform allowed the software, now known as Needles, to become highly customizable, enabling it to successfully support any practice area.

Committed to the future

Needles, and later, Assembly Software, was established with the primary focus of providing customers the best legal technology on the market. With significant investment and a focus on long-run growth and business strength, Needles reached an important milestone in this mission with its introduction of the revolutionary case management solution, Needles Neos. This product, and the innovation it offers customers, reinforces a reputation for client-focused product development and best-in-class execution.

The combination of Needles and TrialWorks under a common roof has allowed Assembly Software to recruit a world-class management team from leadership roles at leading software companies nationally. With over 43,000 users, 2,600 client law firms and more than 35 years of experience, Assembly Software’s financial strength and stability distinguish us from any other legal technology provider.

Assembly Software is the next-generation cloud-based case management software that boasts the top features of two of the legal profession’s pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks.

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